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See this file for final versions of signage to use. Final Signage.doc


Here is the same content, pasted in.  Formatting might be screwy. 


Graphics and Things to be Printed

* = needs to be designed and printed

+ = needs to be printed out


Advice Booth

* Banner: “Free Advice: Get It”

+ Instructions for Advice Givers: See page 3 of this document. Print and have in folder with plenty of blank paper, pens, and whiteboard marker.

- No prompt signage necessary because Advice-Givers will write it on white board.



* Banner: “Advice-Libs: Mix It”

* Prompt Signage:

Remember Mad Libs? Try an Advice-Lib!

Roll the die to pick a number, fill in the missing words,

and get your re-mixed advice immortalized on a button.


Here’s a little reminder:

     A noun is a thing.

     A verb is an action.

     An adjective describes a thing.


- Instructions for Button-Makers: already printed

- Buttons: already printed, need to be cut out


Bathroom Wall

* Banner: “Bathroom Wall: Write It”

* Prompt Signage:

            Advice is everywhere, even on the bathroom stall. 

Go ahead and scribble your best, worst, or funniest advice.

Respond, draw, scratch things off – all is fair game on the bathroom wall.


Questions for the Ages:

* Banner: “Questions for the Ages: Answer It” or “Eternal Questions: Answer It”

* Prompt Signage:

            We need your help with these timeless questions.

            Write your advice on sticky notes and post them on the glass.

            [The rest of the sign will depend on how we decide to do the icons –

 are they on sticky notes? Do people put them on other stickies?]


* Eight Questions:

            - How do you heal a broken heart?

            - ??????? [ummm, my top concern right now is “when is bedtime?”]

* Give/get/flip/fuck icons: Open “Advice_Design.ai” for speech bubbles and icons.


Give Me Something to Go On:

* Banner: “Something To Go On: Give It” or “Got Problems: Help It”

* Prompt Signage:

Have a question? Need some advice?

Write your question on a sticky note and put it in a free space.

When you come back later you’ll have something to go on.


Have an answer? Want to give some advice?

Write it on a sticky note and place it near the question.


* “Post Question here” boards: Design should resemble questions for “Questions for the Ages”, but instead of questions they say:

Post your burning questions here.

Write big – use more than one sticky note.


Visual Advice:

* Banner: “Everywhere You Look: See It”

- Photo credits: These will be written on post-its, so no need to design or print. Just keep track of where photos are from.



* Main Exhibit Title:             “Advice: give it | get it | flip it | fuck it”

* Explanation:

Twelve students from the UW Museology Graduate Program got six weeks, $300 and 72 hours in the HUB to design this exhibit. It’s an experiment in participatory design for museums – and it needs your help to succeed.


Get advice from an expert, scribble a note on the bathroom wall, give your fellow students something to go on, weigh in on questions that never get old, and re-mix classic advice on a personalized button.


So dig in, start talking, and get ready to have a fling with advice!


* Tech stuff:

Even after you leave, there are many ways to continue participating.

The audio you’re hearing and the pictures you’re seeing were submitted by

people just like you through our website: adviceexhibit.tumblr.com.

Check it out, and you, too, can submit photos and videos of good and bad advice.

Call in your advice by dialing 641-715-3900, ext. 73202#, and hitting # to save.

Use Twitter? Give us your advice via the #strangemuse hashtag.


+ Instructions for Gallery Attendants: See page 4 of this document. Print and have in box with notebook, pens, sharpies, post-its, button supplies, dice, etc. 




Older Version, DON'T USE:



give it | get it | flip it | fuck it

Have a brief fling with advice.

Instructional Labels:


Ask a _____________ for advice.

The ________ is in.

Make your own authority. Be an expert advisor.


Fill in the blanks of these stock advise phrases with your own words mad-libs style! When you're done, take it to [somewhere] and turn it into a [button].

(I don't know if we need to explain nouns, verbs, or adjectives)

Noun = person, place, thing or idea

Verb = action word

Adjective = describes a noun

Adverb = describes a verb


Write the great and/or horrible advice you've recieved on the wall.


We need your answers for these hot questions. Write your advice on the glass cases.


Have a question? Need some advice? Write your question in a free space.

Have an answer? Want to give some advice? Write your answer on a sticky-note and place it around the question you're answering.


Participate online in our exhibit at:


Twitter users can submit their advice via the #strangemuse hashtag



Which activites are we going to invite remixing/flipping of the advice that other people have written? All of them? Just some?

Please, please edit this!

Anything else that needs to be added?

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