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Interaction Plan

Page history last edited by Kelly Porter 15 years, 1 month ago


This is the page for all of the no-doubt thrilling, scintillating and unusually-productive discussion we will be having about interactives for the exhibit.


Interactives team is: Kelly (team leader) Whitney, Jason, Julie.


Our mission, should we choose to accept it (and we already have):

  • Develop an interaction plan for each exhibit component
  • Prototype and test-drive planned interactions
  • Produce a final interactives infrastructure for fabrication


Our deliverables are:

  • Detailed step-by-step interaction plan for each component of what visitors will do (DUE: MAY 15)
  • Set of recommendations for exhibit interactives based on our prototyping/testing. (DUE: MAY 22) 
  • Schedule of expert advice givers  (DUE: MAY  28th)
  • Requirements of other teams for creating interactives (DUE: MAY 22)
  • A set of instructions for gallery attendents and anyone else administering interactives (DUE: MAY 22)


NOTE: PLEASE ADD CONTENT BY EDITING THE WIKI, NOT BY USING THE COMMENTS SECTION . . . I have migrated comments to the wiki page- Kelly









DESCRIPTION: Visitors will be allowed to either act as a professional advice giver or to seek advise from one of these from pre-scheduled "expert" advisors (please submit folks who you think should be invited to be expert advice givers to the Expert Advice Givers page). Each 'advisor' would be able to change the plaque on the confessional to reflect what they feel their relevant personal advice-giving characteristics are (i.e "Ask a single black mother," "Ask a working artist," "Ask a doctor" etc.) Advice-seekers would simply approach and ask anything they want. Schedules listing our soliticed advice-givers will be posted in the booth and on the tumblr page. Signage would indicate that whenever the expert "out" that you can step in and be the expert. Final schedule of advice givers is posted in: Expert Advice Givers



DESCRIPTION: Visitors will create advice Mad-Lib style, by vetting requested sentence components (noun, verb, adjective) and then having these placing these into well-known adages (i.e. "always ______ before you _______" or "a ________ in the hand is worth two in the _________.") These wacky 'remixed' adages would then be pressed into buttons (if we can get a button press) or on stickers for the visitors to wear/take home. Here is a list of 20 Advice-libs. Mad-Lib Advice.doc



DESCRIPTION: Visitors will write advice to the masses onto either a real "bathroom wall." They will be encouraged by signage to share great/horrible advice and to cross-off, comment upon and remix others statements-- just about what people do on normal bathroom walls.



DESCRIPTION: Visitors will write advice on sticky notes posted to the glass cases in the exhibition space in which we have posted pre-selected questions that would be relevant to a wide population including: "What should you do for a broken heart?" "How do you break the ice when talking to a stranger?" "How do you tell a friend something that might hurt their feelings?" etc.



DESCRIPTION: Visitors will be able to post questions that they want responses to on sticky notes in available free spaces on the glass cases and other visitors will be able to cluster responses around these questions. Exhibit attendants will be the only ones allowed to remove/delete questions, and this should happen once room to respond runs out. Attendants will also photo-capture images of these displays for the tumblr page. Signage should encourage people to leave questions in the free spaces and respond.  




Visitors will be encouranged to submit content to adviceexhibit.tumblr.com. Some of this content will be used for the exhibition.


To sumbit audio advice  visitors will email .mp3 audio files to strangemuseuw@gmail.com or call in to the established on campus voice-mailbox. The audio files will then be posted to the tumblr by the class daily and edited together to make a 'soundtrack' for the brick-and-mortar exhibit.


People can also tweet advice or advice related comments using the #strangemuse hastag which will feed into out tumblr. Alex will be sending out questions to followers on twitter.

Photos & Video:

Photos of "visual advice" will be automaticlly fed to our tumblr via our Digg or flickr feed (still figuring this out)

Contributors can join our flicker pool or DIGG and add their own photos/ video which will be fed to our tumblr. These photos will also be printed and included in the glass cases of the exhibition space.






Advice Booth


  • This will be an open-air booth with a chair-FAB
  • We will need a banner that advirtizes advice-GD
  • we will also need a sign that indicates when the expert advice-giver is in and out, front/back-GD
  • some signage indicating that people are welcome to sit down as the advice giver if there is nobody there.-GD
  • dry erase board where the advice givers can describe themselves (ie. GET  ADVICE  FROM a financial aid councelor)-FAB
  • an ample supply of paper and pencils for note taking, sketching, whatever-FAB

Some advice givers will be solicited beforehand by interactives team for 30 minutes each whenever the booth is empty, visitors will be invited to sit as the advice-giver schedules for expert advice givers will be posted daily on the tumblr site and on the white board in the exhibit




  • participants will be able to pick random sentance components and write them into pre-printed button backings/stickers that will also have some text advirtizing the exhibit.
  • content team will need to come up with stock phrases as templates (i.e. a bird in the ______ is worth two in the ______) Please post suggestions to the stock advice phrases page.
  • we will need an attendant for the advice-libs station during operating hours (11am-3pm)
  • we will need pens, markers etc for writing in the visitors nouns, verbs etc.
  • we will need a marked (sign) table for this activity-FAB GD K
  • we will need some signage reminding people of what nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are.


The Bathroom Wall (Great/Horrible Advice)


  • Prompts/SIGN for "great" advice and "horrible" advice, and "write on me"-GD JH
  • We will need a fabricated bathroom stall and markers for writing on it-FAB
  • an attendant should capture the display space and upload it to the tumblr site periodically.


Questions of the Ages


  • questions generated by us will be put behind glass for visitors to answer on sticky notes and cluster on top of the glass-FAB
  • we will need instruction signage, stickies, markers-GD
  • an attendant should periodically capture images of these displays to upload to the tumblr site
  • Questions will include: "what should you do for a broken heart?" "How do you break the ice when talking to a stranger?" "How do you tell a friend something that might hurt their feelings?" "What class should everybody in the school be forced to take?" "What should you invest it?" "Where is the best place to take a date?" "How do you overcome your fears"?


Give Me Something to Go On

  • questions generated by visitors will be placed in empty spaces on the case by visitors
  • visitor generated answers will be written on sticky notes and clustered around questions, markers, frames-FAB
  • we will need instruction signage-GD
  • an attendant should periodically capture images of these displays to upload to the tumblr site



Sound Advice

  • Speakers, ipod, soundfiles-Whitney FAB


Visual Advice

  • Printed photos-FAB



Instructions for "advice experts" in the booth and gallery attendents: REVISED INSTRUCTIONS FOR EXPERTS, GALLERY ATTENDANTS 5-25.doc



Comments (1)

julie said

at 4:15 pm on May 3, 2009

1. Help a Husky (weak title, creativity is not my forte)
2. Last week, there was a suggestion of using cards (presumably index cards or something similar) on which people could write their advice and post it in the corresponding area (if advice is in reference to a particular prompt). This is a rather low-tech and easily accessible method of soliciting visitor input.
3. Variations?

1. Help a Husky (see note from option #1)
2. There was also discussion of perhaps putting something fixed or static behind the glass and then encouraging people to write on top of the glass, perhaps in overhead or dry erase pens. This is another low-tech and accessible method. I like the creativity behind it, but would want to put extra effort into the aesthetics so that it didn't look to low budget.
3. Variations?

1. Throw Me a Twit
2. I think it would by hysterical to create a twitter for our project and to get a monitor (or two) from the surplus store and then have the twitter feed running on the monitors. I think the topic of advice would be great as twitter encourages short contributions.
3. We could also project the tweets on the wall/ceiling though a digital projector is a little more costly.

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