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Schedule (Tentative)

Activities Date Time Peoplepower
Installation June 5 Noon-Done
  • Kylie
  • Erin
Exhibt Open June 6 - June 9 All Day Daily check-ins
Deinstall June 10 10:00am - 4:00 pm
  • Kylie
  • Erin






Elevation/ Floor layout

  • the advice booth will be in front of the central column which we might be able to use to support a sign
  • buttons/advice-libs will be located behind the column in the middle of the room
  • the giving (Advice of the ages) and getting (Give me something to go on) will go in the glass cases on either side of the room- get on left, give on right
  • the bathroom stall will be against the wall at the entrance from the hallway
  • visual advice (signs, photos, etc) will be against the opposite wall from the stall, at the entrance to the cafeteria area.

There are 4 electrical outlets, 2 under each glass case.  We can also run power through the track lighting.  We might be able to use the colum to mount speakers.

There is one light for each of the 8 sections of the glass case.  They can be slightly manipulated to shine in certain areas.

We would like to move all of the chairs out of the room to free up all the space.


The pdf files of the elevation and floorplans are uploaded so take a look and hopefully they make sense.  Let me know if there are questions or you need more info. (Erin)

floor plan2.pdf

floor plan1.pdf


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