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Graphic Design

Page history last edited by Jill Hardy 15 years, 1 month ago

Design and produce graphic assets for exhibition and marketing


Team Graphic Design!

Manager: Jill

Teamates: Whitney, Kathryn, Lace



Approved Due Date Finished

Look &Feel

(image and word collage)

    MAY 15



Draft Exhibit Graphics


    MAY 22 Yes!

Final Exhibit Graphics


    MAY 29 Yes!


Look & Feel: Ideas Board

Design mock up material for your concept. Consider how your imagery can be iterative: can the title translate into a logo, use images for a web-banner, can the poster also be a postcard


Carnival/Dust Bowl


New Yorker Cartoon

Carnival/ P.T. Barnum colors


Line drawings: people focused
I'm Not There colors: desaturatred but rich Subway/Lightrail lines: career line, love line, etc. Fingers pointing
Hatch Show Prints: text as Graphics Topographical imagery Word bubbles

Vulgar Remidies (MJT: Tell the Bees)

Transit maps Black and White with one accent color (bright yellow or green)
Admission hand stamps for imagery.   Typography centric/ layered text
Links: http://www.slideshare.net/KFrom/carnivaldustbowl Links: Navigational Transit Links: New Yorker Cartoon
Vote Here: 1, 1 Vote Here: 1, 1, 1, 1 Vote Here: 1,1,1,1,1,1


*Voting Instructions: Please check out the link for each concept and then vote in the matrix by adding a number 1 in the "Vote Here" cell.  Just vote once and by the end of Tuesday (May 12th) we'll have a graphic design concept with which to move forward.



Graphic Design Content

Banner= big sign to demarcate area

prompt = signs visitors see

instructions = what we leave for Advice Givers and Gallery Attendants


Here's a list of everything that needs to be made, and what it needs to say.  Final Signage.doc



Advice Booth
Advice-Libs Bathroom Wall Questions of the Ages Give Me Something to Go On Other*          

Advice Booth Banner:

Free Advice


Advice-Lib Banner


Bathroom Wall Banner


QotA Banner


GMStGO Banner


Main Exhibit Title x2  (standing signs/easel size?)


instructions for advice givers, what to write on white board:

ask a Whatever/ You can be the advice giver DONE

Cheat sheet for attendant


prompt signage


prompt signage


prompt signage


Explanation title x2

(standing signs/easel size?)



prompt signage

w/ parts of speech



8 questions to go behind glass


8 "Post questions here" white paper

to go behind glass


tumblr, twitter, email, phone # info. x2






Visual Advice Banner


Photos and post-it credits



* For the Main Exhibit signage, I'm suggesting we duplicate our efforts and have 2 main titles and explanations so that people coming in from either side of the gallery will be coming through the "entrance" into the exhibit.  Please let us know if there's anything else that we're missing, feel free to amend this list as needed.


Maya & Lisa have generously donated the newsletter paper (11x17, thicker stock, semi-gloss), as well as a few hundred 8x10 sticky labels, card stock and a color printing account.  We still need matte board, foam core, & spray adhesive. If you have any of these items, let me (Jill) know and bring 'em with you to the GD party on Tuesday, June 2nd.




Resources & Questions:


  • Where did Museology get the posters printed for Open House? How many? Cost?
  • Do we want a Website, wiki, blog?
    • What might we need to incorporate into this?
  • What kind of design materials do we want to create?
  • Work with fabrication to design printed text/wall text if we choose to have it?



Comments (4)

julie said

at 6:43 pm on May 4, 2009

Regarding Printed Posters:
*The UW copy shops (now called creative communications) cost $14 for a 2'x3' paper poster printed in color - according to our student assistants. There is one in the Communications Building and the UW Tower - both are close. They are going to be busy with the undergraduate research symposium coming up (May 15), but are good quality and inexpensive.
*UW Posters (http://uwposters.com/) can print on fabric and looks cool, though I've never used them. They look expensive, though say they can do same day turnaround in most cases. (julie)

Nicole said

at 11:25 am on May 11, 2009

I would love to get a logo/title and general graphics guidelines such as font from you this week to use in the web and press releases that are going out this week. Also, for the online postings it would be great to have one or two low resolution key images that we use to promote the exhibit. Will you be selecting these? And can I get those this week? Thanks! Nicole

emilbeck said

at 4:54 pm on May 15, 2009

Hey GD! Could we get some banners for above the glass cases that say "give it" and "get it"?

Jill Hardy said

at 11:09 pm on May 17, 2009

Sure Erin, what kind of banners are you thinking? How big, what kind of material? Thanks

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