Project Wiki for Talking to Strangers Exhibition


Our task was to develop an exhibit that would get strangers to talk to one another.


With 10 weeks of time and 300 dollars to spend, we conceived and developed an exhibit that would get strangers interacting. The resulting exhibition, "Advice" was displayed at the Husky Union Building at the University of Washington, Seattle from June 6 to June 8 2009.


This wiki serves as the hub and the documentation for the conception, design, execution, and evaluation of this project. You can access the Project Overview to look at the stages of development in detail, or look at the sidebar to dig deeper into the work in roughly chronological order from the initial brainstorming to the final evaluation.



Alex Curio

Julie Dougherty

Whitney Ford-Terry

Kathryn Fromson

Jaisa Halls

Jill Hardy

Jason Herrington

Erin Milbeck

Shin Yu Pai

Kylie Pine

Kelly Porter

Nicole Robert

Lace Thornberg



Nina Simon


Special Thanks:

UW Museology Program