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f a b r i c a t i o n

Page history last edited by whitney ford-terry 15 years, 1 month ago

 May 22-June 3

  1. Objective: build things to support the content, graphic and interaction design.
  2. Activities:
    1. manage fabrication and arbitrate decisions
    2. interface with content and design teams to develop materials lists
    3. source materials
    4. fabricate exhibit components (may be web and or physical)
  3. Deliverables: JULIE, ERIN
    1. detail (day by day) fabrication schedule - STARTING MAY 22 purchase items/ gathe materials
    2. exhibit components built - BY JUNE 3 


The List of things we need to buy/make for the exhibition:

  • advice booth
  • dry erase board for booth
  • markers/pencils
  • paper, for notes taking at advice booth
  • sticky notes
  • button maker and supplies
  • table to make buttons
  • bathroom stall wall
  • speakers & iPod
  • Gather/ Edit Audio
  • print/ gather visual advice wall/photos/collage
  • Exhibit log to record changes, info, etc.
  • Comments/feedback book for evaluation- b&w composition book
  • 10- sided dice


We will also need a bunch of signs for in the exhibition and for marketing.

We can work with GD to design look of signs, then we help print them/mount them.

  • banner for advice booth
  • explanation for advice booth
  • Buttons printed and cut
  • sign for button/advice-libs
  • prompt sign for bathroom stall wall
  • instruction sign for "advice of ages"
  • instruction sign for "give me something"

Comments (1)

jaisa said

at 10:58 am on May 25, 2009

For the Advice-Libs:

If you want to randomize it, I have several 10-sided die of different colors.

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