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Expert Advice Givers

Page history last edited by emilbeck 10 years, 8 months ago
Name Expertise Date Time
Kathy & Joshua Lindenmayer Kathy: Etiquette and Deportment 6/6 11:30
Kathy & Joshua Lindenmayer  Joshua: relationship advice, 11 yrs old 6/6 12:00
    6/6 12:30
Gavin and Madeleine Hoyt 2 kids (and their Mom) 6/6 1:00


Erin M. Trilingual 6/6 2:00
Erin M. Trilingual 6/6 2:30
    6/7 11:00
Lace Thornberg  Where to Hike in Washington  6/7 11:30
Derrek Lettman Actor 6/7 12:00
Ella Dorband Fashion & Tattoos & Piercings 6/7 12:30
Ella Dorband Fashion & Tattoos & Piercings 6/7 1:00
    6/7 1:30
    6/7 2:00
    6/7 2:30
    6/8 11:00
Inti St. Clair Making a Living as a Photographer 6/8 11:30
Student Fiscal Services  Money Management  6/8 12:00
Student Fiscal Services  Money Management 6/8 12:30
Student Fiscal Services  Money Management  6/8 1:00
Student Fiscal Services  Money Management  6/8 1:30
Career Center    6/8 2:00
Career Center    6/8 2:30


To solicit:


Hall Health


Advice columnists

Campus advisors




Doctor - MD


Dan Savage



here are some suggestions of people I (Lace) would want to hear from...in case you know someone who fits the bill...

a former hippie

a yogi

a Buddhist monk

a rocket scientist

an Everest climber

a tightrope walker

a person with a lot of friends

a poet

a trilingual


So sad -- my tentative no is a yes. But I can do ask a biologist/high school teacher on Saturday afternoon.  - Kathryn

I put my two kids on the schedule-- they are 5 and 8-- and I will be there for supervision.-- Nicole

I added myself (!) since Sunday seemed so lonely!  Will wear a fleece vest and bring books and maps. - Lace


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