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OUR OBJECTIVE: develop specific content assets (text, images, video, etc) to support the exhibition and deliver the content.


         1. manage content development and arbitrate decisions-LACE

         2. research

         3. prototyping or playtesting

         4. selection and assembly of any external content (e.g. objects)

         5. produce final content

         6. develop marketing plan

         7. interface with design and fabrication teams on content infrastructure and materials



         1. draft list of content assets - BY MAY 8 - Jill

         2. final list of content assets (including marketing assets)- BY MAY 15 - Lace

         3. marketing plan - BY MAY 15 - Shin Yu (by May 11 + hand off draft) & Nicole

         4. draft content produced - BY MAY 15 - Jaisa

         5. final content produced/ready for design/fabrication - BY MAY 22 - Kathryn




  1. Aural Advice: recordings, audio playback device and speakers
  2. Visual Advice: "Picture Board" i.e. pictures, comics, bumber stickers, photos
  3. Expert Advice Booth: a booth
  4. Signage: title, credit board, web info, directions/instructions/labels Heads up! The interactives team has edited some of your signage/directions as per your request, the edits were uploaded in a new file labeled as "Interactives edits." Let us know what you think. If you're cool with it then just delete the original file and use the new one as a working copy, maybe migrate the content to the Wiki Page where it is easier to see? -Kelly
  5. Website: photos, text, design
  6. Twitter account and icon for Hashtag
  7. Gmail account
  8. Content necessary for interactives: Advice-Libs (Mad-Lib Advice.doc), Questions for the Ages, etc. 



(if you get something from this list, put your intials by it!)

Audio from famous folks known to give advice...help us by emailing them and asking them to call us with their advice!     

     Barack Obama - KF,

     Dan Savage - JillH,

     Ira Glass - LT,

     Judge Judy

     Garrison Keilor - LT,

     Oprah - KF,

     Tyra Banks - KF

     Michael Franti - LT,

     Thomas Friedman -If anyone has LinkedIn, that seems like the only way to contact him.

     Umbra Fisk - LT, JillH

     Dear Prudence from Slate - JillH,

     Sesame Street -

     Stephen Colbert- EM

     Black Daisy - LT

     Blake Lewis - LT


Sample Solicitation Emails: 


Greetings! I am looking for some advice. (Insert an actual question to prompt advice here.) (Insert any ego-inflating kissing up about why we want advice from them here).

To share your advice, please reply or call this number 641) 715-3900, extension: 73202#. 

Your advice will be included in an exhibit about advice which opens June 6 on the University of Washington campus. You can find out more about this project here: http://adviceexhibit.tumblr.com/. Thank you for sharing your advice! 



I am looking for some advice. Not really for me (I swear!) but for an exhibit about ADVICE.

My question is this: (if students want to make a difference in the world, where do they start?)

FAMOUS PERSON, could you please share your advice on this matter the students of the University of Washington?  It's very simple. You just have to call this number: (641) 715-3900, and enter the extension 73202# when prompted. And, hit # to save when done. 

Your advice will be heard in an exhibit about advice which opens June 6 on the University of Washington campus. You can find out more about this project here:


Thank you for your consideration!


museology department

University of Washington


Audio/Video from movies with notable advice...help us by finding clips and posting them to our website.

     A Bronx Tale

     The Godfather

     Steel Magnolias

     The Graduate


     Say Anything

     (There must be more!) - note from Nina: please make sure you don't only go after men.

Don't know how to post to website, but here's JFK - Ask not... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLdA1ikkoEc

This is AMAZING advice: http://voicethread.com/share/636/


Audio from UW/local sources...help us by gathering it first-hand!

     person-on-the-street interviews

     professors, especially stuffy ones!

     the UW Undergraduate advising office

     DJs at KEXP


Photos and Images of Advice

     cross-stitch samplers

     national park and forest signs

     street signs

     manipulated street signs

     church signs

     bathroom stalls

     church signs

     bathroom stalls (Roxy's, Kings Hardware)

     professional advice centers (UW advising, therapist offices, etc.)






Comments (3)

lace said

at 6:23 pm on May 10, 2009

I love to edit, and I would like to be in charge of final content so I can help us avoid typos and have a unified voice for the content. Hope that is cool with y'all. - Kathryn

I work in the Burke PR office and have an extensive list of media contacts and online calendars we can use for marketing. Nicole

Nicole said

at 12:10 pm on May 11, 2009

Do we have an exhibit name yet?

Nicole said

at 12:22 pm on May 11, 2009

And do we know when the HUB will be open and the exhibit viewable, like between 9 am and 6 pm, etc.?

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